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what is new

Fun example of SoFplus communicating with Python to allow sending/receiving of messages while on the desktop. Strings with 'http' in them are clickable.

Python checks the logfile for any new lines and pastes them into the tkinter text widget as they come. SoFplus will print the string that you type into tkinter. The window is renamed to 'Unread' if new messages come whilst the window is not in focus.

Also a sound can play on a new message.

The im.exe was created with auto-py-to-exe and has the 'hitmarker.wav' included inside it. (while in game, you wont hear it, only when SoF is minimised).

Plenty of improvements to be made as this is just a proof of concept- *colours / SoF1 chars not handled.

check it out here

http client

Quick http map/file downloads.

  1. Go to the http_client page -> click SOF PLATINUM.zip -> click < download >.
  2. Extract the file to your SoF.exe folder.
  3. Delete all map paks you may have in base folder (e.g. from CE) and any in your user/maps folder (to ensure you get correct files from the vault).
  4. Start SoF via sof-http-cl.bat.
  5. Missing ghoul / strip files downloaded if missing.

    SoFplus server sounds (as of 2021-06-03 all are supported).

    mapname.zip containing all custom files added to the vault first, Same for server sounds

    check it out here

Full Skincolor Mod [GUI]

SoF1 Full Skincolor Mod - By CheaterSkeeter

The SoF1 Full Skincolor Mod allows you to:

  1. -Set the color / transparency for head/body/weapon/armour.
  2. -Reduce the volume of sounds such as explosions and gunfire to make footsteps/jumping easier to hear. (default sounds, so remove any existing sound mods you have, or set to 0dB so no sounds are in the pak)
  3. -A pak file containing the Full Skincolor Mod is made at the end.
  4. download and more info

comming soon
Counter Strike Defuse Mod

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